TEN Collective Impact’s Parent Leadership Council sent candidate surveys to all Denver Public Schools Board of Education candidates and met to discuss how the priorities of the candidates would serve the children of Denver. After that deliberation, we chose to endorse candidates in three races. We believe that the following Education Champions will bring necessary change to Denver Public Schools to ensure that every child has access to an education that prepares them for their future.


Vernon Jones, Jr.

At Large, City Wide

“There should be no decision made where the voice of parents have not been included. Parents trust their children to the district and the district must honor that trust by operating with parents in transparent partnership.”

Karolina Villagrana

District 2, Southwest Denver

“I believe that loved ones are critical in the success of our district and they must play a key role in deciding what is best for their children and their community. We must leverage the love and talents of families for the academic success of our students. As educators we are only in the lives of students for a short period but parents will be their first and best advocates for their whole lives. If we truly invest and partner with loved ones then we can work in tandem towards our collective success.”

Gene Fashaw

District 4, NorthEast Denver

“I am running for school board because our kids need someone that is solely committed to improving their outcomes and opportunities. My desire is to be a calming voice of reason that makes decisions guided by the wants and needs of the communities that have felt unheard and forgotten. The school board needs to refocus its efforts towards shaping the district to be an inclusive place for all.”